Musicovery is like a visual Pandora.  You can see an image of the player below.  There are a variety of options to choose from.  You can select a genre of music (funk, soul, rock, rap etc.), select a decade and a few other choices.

Best of all is the spectrum option.  It lets you choose how “energetic” you want the music to be (if you’re looking for something upbeat or chill), as well as the “positivity”.  So if you’re in the mood to party and dance, obviously go near the top right corner.  Otherwise, if you want music to write emo poetry by, try the bottom left.

What comes up is a visual map showing connections between artists and whatnot, and lets you preview the song they recommend.  It also provides a link to Amazon so you can go buy the album if you love it that much.

I’m completely down with services like this.  It can be really hard to find new music (which I guess is partly why you are reading this site to begin with), so anything that helps in that regard gets a A+ in my books.

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