Smart Shorties are kiddie hip hop

Pitchfork, that irrepressible site for music and news is reporting about a new little hip hop group called the Smart Shorties.

Frankly, they’re actually pretty terrible.  I know that’s a bit harsh to say about little kids, but seriously.  Check them out.

Here’s “This is why I’m Smart”


Be that as it may, they’re actually doing something pretty wonderful.  They’re “reclaiming” a bunch of popular hip hop tracks and using them to try and help educate other children.  Simple things like basic math, for example (they have a whole song about multiplying by zero).  Their album, titled “Hip Hop Multiplication” is full of this kind of stuff.  Check out the Pitchfork article here.

2 Replies to “Smart Shorties are kiddie hip hop”

  1. im actually a smart shortie i am on the 7s and the 12s n most of us arent little kids any more so we can take your stupid comments but i guess even educational things even have haters lol

  2. this is another smart shortie im in the 7s 10s and the 50 states and our songs arent even that bad we use math to teach americas children a fast way to learn thier facts.Join the movement!!!or get left

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