Day: May 13, 2008


Senators say whether they’d agree to be vice president has somehow managed to ask all 97 sitting Senators whether or not they would consider the VP nod from the presidential candidates. They’re reproduced (verbatim, they claim) the responses from all the Senators.  Here’s a couple of nice little jewels: Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) “Of course. Big house, big car, not much to do. […]


Jay-Z To Noel: Hip-Hop Deserves ‘Respect’

Earlier, we reported how Noel Gallagher (of Oasis fame) was upset with the decision to include Jay-Z on the bill for the upcoming Glastonbury Festival because hip-hop isn’t “guitar music” and thus doesn’t fit with the festival’s “tradition.” Although festival organizers were quick to defend their decision to include Hova, the rapper himself remained largely […]

Cool Music

I need that record!

This looks like a pretty awesome trailer for an editorial documentary made by some students at Hampshire College in the US.  It’s a small liberal arts school that’s actually fairly well known. This little documentary focuses on the death of indie record stores.  Well, the death of record stores in general.  Even the big chains […]

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