Learning about hip hop over long distance

The NY Daily News is not normally known for its journalistic prowess, but this article was pretty entertaining.  Apparently, some students at an IT Academy in Brooklyn managed to do some sort of web-cast to take a class from the Rock &  Roll Hall of Fame.  This webcast taught them all about hip hop, from its history to its modern phase.

Afrika Bambaata, DJ Jazzy Jay and others had been recording speaking about hip hop’s history and these interviews were shown to the students.  It’s nice to see that they were learning from the actual sources and not just some hip hop scholar.

The teacher went through hip hop’s “influences” on popular culture.  Even the stupid things, like Bratz dolls and video games.  I think that even cooler was the fact that they got taught about turntablism and deejaying.  Learning all about this element was a great chance for these kids, because the teacher also taught them about making beats using software.

That’s got to be the promised land for a bunch of kids learning IT.  Using Reason, the teacher cobbled together a quick beat and hopefully inspired some of these kids to do the same.

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