25 Worst Rappers of all time

One of Yahoo! Music’s blogs has run an article listing who the author thinks are the 25 worst rappers of all time.  Rob O’Connor, the author, makes some choices that I definitely don’t agree with, but also makes some pretty funny and accurate picks as well.

Here’s a couple:

23) Mike Jones: He can’t rap, but he sure knows how to make friends. Putting his cellphone number on his T-Shirts ensured that Mike would never be lonely. But can you really trust a rapper whose track “Houston Dynamo (Don’t Play)” is the official team anthem for the Houston Dynamos? A soccer team?

18) Chingy: You know an “artist” is really hitting a nerve when they inspire an onslaught of negative reviews at every website you visit. The consensus seems to be: “This guy’s beats are terrible and his lyrics are stupid, degrading and barely literate at best.” And we’re guessing that came from his mom. I didn’t need to read all 385 one star reviews to be tipped off to just how much other people don’t admire this man’s talent. To think he owns houses in multiple cities, partners a restaurant in Miami and has appeared on The George Lopez Show as himself! Someone’s got a bit of explaining to do.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I won’t list them all.  But let me say it’s definitely worth the read.  And despite the picture at the top of this post, K-Fed isn’t number 1.  Though he would be on my list.   The jerk.

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