4080Records Presents: The Flobots

Here is a quick little glimpse into one of the up and coming nu-hip hop groups on the planet, the Flobots.  In fact, the Denver Post just ran an article on them really hyping them up.  They just signed with Universal Records and I’m pretty excited.   Another hip hop group that is known for being activist oriented has somehow managed to find a way into a major label.

Their brand of hip hop is smart but still gritty, and I think it’ll find a pretty receptive audience.  Listening to the track below, the one that started at all, will really give you a sense of who they are.  Oddly, I’ve heard talk that one of the emcees gives off a very Eminem-ish sound, so let me know what you think,

Here’s “Handlebars” by The Flobots.


The Flobots take their activism seriously, according to the Denver Post.

It helps, too, that the label is as excited about the band’s nonprofit organization, Flobots.org, as they are. The organization will link bands and fans with custom-made volunteering opportunities, and “the idea that we can take this to a national platform, combining music and activism that way, was something we couldn’t pass up,” said Jonny 5. “I really do think that this band’s success is one manifestation of a larger movement that’s going on out there. We’re hungry for hope and change, and we’re seeing that manifesting in different ways right now.

So check them out, and try to grab their album when it drops.

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