Emmanuel Jal – Sudanese Rapper

Listen to the NPR interview here, it’ll probably blow your mind.


Now that you’ve heard it, let me tell you a little bit about Emmanuel Jal.  He was a child solider.  Let that rest on your synapses for a second.

This fellow was carrying an AK-47, a real one, while most of us were still playing tag.  It’s really, really hard to wrap your head around.  “He was ‘drafted’ into the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army, which did their best to deaden his feelings. “

Now, it appears that the SPLA has tried to transform itself into a political party, but I guess that doesn’t mean it has left it’s legacy behind.

Jal’s a pretty talented rapper as well.  Apparently on this album he raps in 4 different languages.  If you can find it, grab his album tittled “Warchild.”

It’s crazy to think that this guy wouldn’t likely be around if it wasn’t for the help of an aid worker who actually smuggled him out of the country and eventually adopted him.  Amazing.

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