MySpace Monday: Shirley Bunnie Foy

Shirley Bunnie Foy is a pretty talented jazz singer. She was born in New York and eventually moved to Paris to continue her musical career. She’s been around for decades, and actually was a part of that ground-breaking group, the Dell-Tones (not to be confused with the Australian Delltones).

If you’re interested, she’s got her lengthy biography translated into several languages on her MySpace page, as linked above.

Her voice really has a special quality to it. It combines some of that old-timeyness that makes Billie Holiday so amazing with a new, soulful vibe.

I know she doesn’t necessarily qualify as a typical MySpace Monday post, but the sheer fact that she’s been making music for like 50 years and still manages to have a MySpace page that gets some serious attention is more than enough to make me want to link to her.

Anyways, here is her rendition of “Love”.


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