Day: May 20, 2008


South Africa is burning

This is absolute madness.  The LA Times (among many, many others) is reporting on the newest batch of violence gripping South Africa.  Apparently there has been a huge wave of anti-foreigner sentiment that started in Alexandria, a suburb/township near Johannesburg and has spread across much of Kwa-Zulu Natal and some of the Northern Areas of […]


Nas drops a new solo album..soon

For those who have been claiming that hip hop is dead or dying, I think this last month alone should be enough to give you some cause for hope. Let me quickly reiterate A Tribe Called Quest reunites The Pharcyde Reunites Rock the Bells will bring the best hip hop ever all over North America […]


Napster now sells DRM-Free music

Gizmodo is reporting that Napster has relaunched as a completely DRM-Free mp3 store.  That means no digitial encryption, no holding back on the amount of devices you can use your mp3’s on. The Napster website still seems to maintain the old subscription model of purchasing, which only applies to non-Apple devices (no iPods, iPhones).  The […]

Music Politics

DAM – A Palestinian Rap Group

Democracy Now! is an award-winning organization that began as a syndicated radio show.  They’ve reported on a variety of major issues, and has been graced by major personalities, including Bill Clinton.  Recently, they reported on something that has become a bit of an internet celebrity.  Skip ahead to the 49 min mark on the below […]

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