Rock The Bells Vancouver Date Moved To Quincy, WA

Three days ago Guerilla Union, the organization that puts on the Rock The Bells concert series, announced that the Vancouver stop of this year’s tour had been moved to Quincy, Washington. If, like me, you’d never heard of Quincy before, you’ll be glad to know that it’s in the middle of fucking nowhere. That’s right, in all of their wisdom the Guerilla Union crew have moved their tour’s last show from Vancouver – a city with a metropolitan population of over 2 million – to Qunicy, a tiny hamlet 160 miles from Seattle, a city with only about half the population of Vancouver.

What a stroke of marketing genius.

Perhaps there were some issues at the border. The Toronto show is going ahead, though, so it can’t be that. More likely it was some mistake/ridiculous idea by the City of Vancouver. God knows the mayor, Sam Sullivan, has blundered in the past.

I suppose the one good thing about the venue change is that the show will still be within driving distance of Vancouver, so all of the heads north of the border who were so stoked to see Tribe in their own backyard will still have a chance to catch them perform live. Only now it’ll take a bit of a drive.

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  1. wow, talk about whining. get your facts straight at least.

    George, WA, not Quincy. Home of the Gorge Amphitheater, one of the most scenic and adored venues in North America., check it out.

    urban area- 2.712mm
    metro area- 4.038mm

    Vancouver, BC-
    urban area- 2.285mm
    metro area- 2.524mm

    Enjoy your crossing at the border!

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