4080Records Presents: Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling is one of the the dopest hip hop groups around. They definitely don’t get anywhere near enough credit, often being disregarded as “silly”. As three dudes from Long Beach who definitely don’t take themselves too seriously, I think they’re exactly what hip hop needs to appeal to a wider audience.

To give you an idea of their sound, here is my favourite track by them, “Journey to Anywhere.”


Most of their tracks have a little comedy to it, but every one has a sick flow and some dope lyrics. Their style is really focused on old-school hip-hop, with a lot of back-and-forth between the two emcees. They also do their best to give their DJ (Young Einstein) a huge amount of play. He gets solos, entire tracks to himself, and is supremely talented. They constantly claim that they do all their beats live, no DAT’s or anything.

Check out their masterful rhyming here, with a mock battle between Andy and Dizzy. [audio:http://cache08-music01.myspacecdn.com/61/std_c2220ba0e0f98f3182e6ee21165c5c78.mp3]

Below is the video for “Slow the Flow”. This way you can get to see what they look like!

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