The Herbalizer’s new album

Our brethren over at Analog Giant have just posted a note saying that the Herbalizer has just dropped a new album, titled “Same as it Never Was”.  They’ve even kindly posted a track for you to listen to here. [audio:’re_Not_All_That_feat._Jessica_Darling_(Radio_Edit).mp3]

The official website even offers a free mp3, so head over and check it out.  The tracklist looks pretty good, I must say.  Jessica Darling, the new singer, has done a pretty amazing job.  She has a startling full voice and I’m a huge fan.

You can also stream a bunch of tracks off the album, so take a listen and buy it if you’re down.  I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed.  Check out “Just won’t Stop” if you’re looking for something a little more traditionally hip hop.

[Source: Analog Giant]

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