The Nightmare Ticket

The Onion, in a stroke of genius, has run an article lampooning the hundreds of times we hear about possible VP nominations for each party.  Especially on the Democratic side.

Ever since we heard that Obama’s nearly got the show wrapped up, we’ve been hearing demands from the Clinton camp that she be made VP as a “consolation prize”.  Others have been saying that Obama and Clinton should want to get together to form the “Dream Ticket”.

Well, my friends, I give you the Nightmare Ticket.

According to the Onion (yes, it’s fake news, for those who don’t know) McCain, Clinton, and Obama would run together.

“”No other ticket is capable of rallying this nation around a clearer, more unified message of chaos and hopelessness,” the candidates said in unison from three separate podiums, each adorned with its own American flag arrangement and personal message. “Together, we will lead this nation into the future—a future where absolute deadlock over even the most minute decisions and total inefficiency on matters of the war, the economy, and the environment will launch a bold new age of confusion and social decay. For America, the only choice is [indecipherable]!”


They also make jokes about how they’d split up the office into President, Vice President and also a “Middle President”.  Sounds funny, but it’s probably pretty accurate about what would happen if Obama did pick Clinton.  I think Bill would be heading for that “Middle President” role.

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