MySpace Monday: Uptown Funk Empire

Uptown Funk Empire is hosted on SouLab Records, a small outfit dedicated to modern soul music.

I kind of admit that I love the idea of having a label dedicated entirely to soul and funk music.  It’s an artform that still holds so much potential but is slowly dying off thanks to the growth of other, worse, forms of music.

UFE is not exactly what it sounds like, either.  It’s one man, Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart, who mixes it all himself and features other, cooler singers.  He’s based in France and the Euro-influence definitely appears on some of the tracks.

This guy is seriously all over the place too.  He’s constantly got three or four projects going,  with UFE being one his more recent endeavors.  What’s interesting is that most of his musical groups have been based around jazz music and celebrating that phenomena.  It appears he’s taken the chance to really celebrate the Funk that he loves so much.

Without further adieu, here’s “NOW” by the Uptown Funk Empire, featuring Juan Rozoff.


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