Camu Tao R.I.P

Camu Tao, a producer (and emcee) off the Def Jux label has recently passed away after a battle with lung cancer.  Yes, this isn’t a story of an emcee who was gunned down or overdosed, but a tragic tale of a battle against cancer.

His skills are an emcee are not super high on my personal list, but I can really appreciate what he’s done.  Plus, as a producer he’s worked with some incredible people, including RJD2.  Tao was actually in Mhz with RJD2 and Copywrite.

El-P, a long time collaborator, gave a small eulogy on his blog that was incredibly touching.  Click on the Okayplayer link below for the full eulogy, but here’s just a small portion:

We, his friends and family, have truly had our collective hearts broken by his passing. Not only because of the loss of our friend, but because of the loss of his contribution to those who never knew what we knew about his talent and his potential. He was the secret that no one wanted to keep and we always knew that one day his vision and his heart could change music forever the way he changed all of our lives.”

Rest in peace, Camu Tao.

Camu Tao – Plot for a little


[Source: Pitchfork, Okayplayer.]


As a show of respect which I thought was pretty interesting, his myspace page shows all his “top friends” have changed their pictures to one of him.  It’s nerdy, but I think it’s a wonderful thing.

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