Cee-Lo back with Goodie Mob?

Cee-Lo Green has definitely made a name for himself in recent years as one half of the dynamic duo Gnarls Barkley.

Obviously, I have a huge amounts of respect for him. Goodie Mob used to turn out some pretty sick songs, (anyone remember “Beautiful Skin”?) and now it sounds like Cee-Lo’s going back to his roots. Maybe he’s sick of being super famous?

Whatever the reason, Okayplayer is reporting that Cee-Lo wants to return to his old-fashioned emceeing ways. They point to an interview Cee-Lo gave to Hiphopdx.com which is a super in-depth look at Cee-Lo’s life and opinions. In his own words, Mr. Green says:

DX: When you gonna follow Dre and start “Brett Farve’n,” as he calls it, reminding this new generation of Cee-Lo the lyricist?
Soon. I guess as far as emceeing is concerned, I do have a specific agenda, and it’s more [slanted] towards social conscious[ness] and politically-charged [content]. And so what better vehicle to use [for that] than Goodie Mob and the new project that we’re working on?

And speaking of [emceeing], I’ve become a fan of Dre’s all over again with his resurgence on the scene. I’m turned on by that. He’s actually made me want to rhyme again. [Gnarls Barkley] having the cover of The Source this month and [Dre] having the [“Hip Hop] Quotable” with that “Royal Flush” verse in the same issue, it’s [all] quite a bit of confirmation of our longevity and power.

So yeah, I think I’ll direct [back towards emceeing]. Truth of the matter is, I’m glad that people are inquiring about where I stand as far as that’s concerned. I wasn’t [thinking] anyone needed that from me.”

Here’s a little of old Goodie Mob

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