Nodding at the back

Nodding at the Back is a hip hop photo exhibition taking place in the UK at the moment.   Put on by Punch Productions, it features work by Ian Reynolds.

In case you’re interested, it’s taking place at The Albany Theatre in Deptford,  London, and will continue until June 8.

It’s got an incredible goal in mind, and one that I think needs to be seen more and more often.  Check it out: Over the past 20 years some academics and historians have claimed hip-hop culture has been hijacked by the conglomerates, and the new wave of MTV children who have diluted its authenticity. Preservation of culture is important and that’s what inspired us to commission Ian Reynolds to produce this collection of images.  This exhibition is by no means an A to Z of the Birmingham scene but a mere fraction seen through the eyes of one photographer.

How can anyone argue with that?  It’s obvious that too many people only see hip hop as glorifying violence, denigrating women, and promoting a consumptive lifestyle.  It’s absurd, of course, but considering that’s pretty much all that’s shown on the radio and MTV or MuchMusic, it’s no surprise that lots of people don’t know any better.

So check out the exhibition if you can, otherwise, take a gander at Reynolds’ website.

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