MySpace Monday: 88-Keys

88-Keys is an producer out of Harlem who’s going on tour with Dialated Peoples and Aceylone.  The tour, Fresh Rhymes and Videotape and looks to involve 2K Sports, the same company that brought you the 2K Bounce tour a couple of years back that first reunited Tribe.

He’s even better known for having done beats for insanely amazing people like Q-Tip and Mos Def.  He’s even done some work for major sellers like Kanye.  In case you want to know, he’s the one that came up with the beat for “Thieves in the Night”, one of the dopest tracks on the Black Star album.

To give you a quick taste of his style, his a slower-paced “Deal Breakers” [audio:]

And here’s “Cuddle Bums” from his MySpace page. [audio:]

He’s a got a pretty eclectic style, but definitely worth checking out!

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