Obama clinches the nomination

So it’s finally happened.

Barack Obama has “won” the Democratic nomination to stand as a candidate for President of the United States.

Now, what this actually means is that he has enough pledged delegates and pledged superdelegates to officially win the nomination at the national convention.

It’s a sure thing, and he has made history as being the first African-American to stand as a presidential candidate for any of the major parties.

What’s hilarious is that Hillary Clinton still refuses to concede. In a speech she gave in New York today, she kept hammering that she was the most “electable” and
that she stood the best chance against McCain.

She goes on to say that she won’t be making any decisions tonight, and that she wants her supports to visit her website to give her advice and tell her what they want.

Part of me admires here persistence, but at the same time this can only be even more damaging to the dems in the long run. The longer Clinton continues her impossible quest, the less likely it is that her supports will get behind Obama.

So far it seems that Hillary is the only one who thinks that she’s still in this race. Obama’s pretty much begun to ignore her, and McCain gave a speech today where he already declared that the primaries were over and the general election had begun. He launched some attacks at Obama.

It seems like Clinton’s relevance in this whole thing is fading rapidly. This is definitely a blow to her supporters, and by no means is she at all inferior. She did run a strong campaign and managed to pull off some big wins. She’s also, despite what the internet likes to say, not a terrible person.

No matter who you supported, this has been the most electrifying primary season in my memory, and I absolutely think that anything that engages people in politics is fantastic.

Here’s a fascinating quote from the CNN article: “Sen. Clinton was asked whether she was open to the idea of running as vice president and repeated what she has said before: She would do whatever she could to ensure that Democrats take the White House back and defeat John McCain,” the former first lady’s campaign said in a written statement Tuesday afternoon.”

Clinton does not seem to be living up to what she says. By giving such a defiant speech tonight she just continues to divide the party. This fuels McCain and doesn’t help “take the White House back”. Absurd.

James Carville, the kingpin of the Clinton campaign, gave a pretty funny discussion during the CNN wrap-up. He kept mocking the other pundits saying he was “befuddled” why anyone thought she was conceding tonight. He insisted that she never indicated she would concede tonight, and that these decisions “take time”. Frankly, I don’t see how it can “take time”, when your opponent has already achieved the votes necessary to clinch the nomination.

Not a good way to start things off if she really is actively pursuing the VP spot.


Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s spokesperson, made an appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart where he desperately (and hopefully satirically) pleaded the case for how Hillary’s still going to win the ticket.  He claims she’s won the major contests coast-to-coast, and he even claimed that she won South Dakota and Montana.  He’s half right.  She did win S. Dakota (no offense, but who really cares?).  However, CNN and all the major pundits are predicting a Barack win in Montana.  Plus, he’s already clinched it.  When will the madness end?

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