The Green Album

Omer Saar (of universoulproductions fame) has cobbled together the Green Album, a collection of Al Green tracks mixed with acapellas from various rappers.

You’ll hear some Jay-Z, MF Doom, Common,  the Fugees, Pharycde, and others on this record.  So definitely a pretty dope tracklisting.

Check it all out at his blog here.

Now I know it seems suspiciously similar to the AlMatic post we did earlier, but it’s definitely not.  The Green Album is about 6 times as dope and definitely worth your time to download.

And it’s free.  I don’t know how long it’ll stay up (since these things seem to disappear faster than that pitcher of beer you bought for everyone), but it’s worth a look.  So head over to Omer Saar’s blog and download this ASAP.

And it’s just in time with Al Green’s new album, Lay it Down.

[Source: Okayplayer]

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