The Source magazine predicts the future

The Source was a magazine that pretty much was the pinnacle of hip hop magazineness for Canada. For a while back in the 90’s it was the primary way to get hip hop news, especially in some of the cities where hip hop wasn’t nearly as prevalent. The April 1999 issue is especially interesting. They ran an article about the future of hip-hop and mp3s titled “MP3 and Hip-Hop: Sounds like the future”.

Here’s how it starts: “Imagine Downloading the latest album from Jay-Z or Method Man straight from the Internet and instead of shelling out $15.95 at the Virgin Megastore you pay just $4.00. Digital music is here and record companies/distributors may be worried about the possibilities.”

It’s a visionary piece of work, coming before iTunes was ever around. Click on the image below to view the entire article. Or right click and save the image and view it at your leisure.  Or, for those of you who are having issues viewing the image, you can find a PDF copy here.

Sounds like the future

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