Day: June 7, 2008


False prophets of doom

We all have heard various environmental doom predictions over the years.  From the day of Malthus predicting the world would end because of overpopulation This article points out that this has happened over and over again, especially in the last 30-40 years.  Every new year someone predicts the world will end for one reason or […]


Are mixtapes piracy?

This post from CityPages takes a pretty funny look at the arguments record companies use to justify their war on piracy.  In fact, it goes back over the same arguments they used to make about how home tapers were ripping off the music industry and would essentially cause the same downfall the doomsayers are claiming […]


Rare Tupac tribute

A collection of indie hip hop artists from all over North America have gone ahead and contributed to “In the Shadow of an Icon”, a project paying tribute to Tupac Shakur. It’s now available on all major distribution, including iTunes and Amazon. Hip hop website EURweb makes it sound like the greatest album ever: “‘In […]

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