Rare Tupac tribute

A collection of indie hip hop artists from all over North America have gone ahead and contributed to “In the Shadow of an Icon”, a project paying tribute to Tupac Shakur.

It’s now available on all major distribution, including iTunes and Amazon.

Hip hop website EURweb makes it sound like the greatest album ever: “‘In The Shadow of an Icon’ brings no bling, or spinning rims, no meaningless repetitive hooks – just good quality hip hop with a message from unsigned artists relevant to hip hop culture in a time when real thought provoking hip hop seems to have left the scene.”

I’m skeptical about just what this tribute album can pull off, but it sounds like it’s absolutely worth a listen.

They’ve created a MySpace page for the album.  Although it’s possibly the worst designed page I’ve ever seen, it does provide links to the MySpace pages of the various artists on the album, which is good because most of them are pretty unknown.

Check it out, it seems like it’d be worth a listen, if not a purchase.

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