DL Incognito is not as great as I hoped

Based on the strength of Spit Forever II, I had high hopes for DL Incognito‘s new album, Organic Music for a Digital World.

While my hopes weren’t entirely dashed, I was left…unmoved.  Okayplayer, a website that I actually tend to trust, had really high praise for the album.  Hell,  they went so far as to say that “DL Incognito’s third release, Organic Music for a Digital World is a great display of hip-hop as some of its finest moments—both producing and lyrically. DL Incognito’s lyricism is only matched by his backdrop of beats; the two (lyrics and beats) seem to be intertwined and play off of each other, feeding off of the others energy to create a fugue-like structure throughout the album.”

I don’t ENTIRELY disagree, I just don’t think it’s as good as I had hoped.  I think, in the end, Okayplayer agrees with me.  They say that “However, this record sounds very similar to a Jay-Z album for the majority of the album. It is the brief minority of the time that DL Incognito works his magic and shows that he can provide a new and unique sound.” Maybe that’s just it.  I think I know that DL is a better artist than what he showcased on this album.  It’s a solid B effort.  It’s like what teachers say to all the middle school kids.  We know he has the potential, he just didn’t let it shine through this time. 

There’s just something lacking from this album.  I still think it’s a pretty solid showing, and is likely to get loads of radio play.  For Canadian hip hop, that’s a huge thing, of course.  Any love is good.  But I just don’t want him to get too sidetracked looking for that radio play.  Instead, he should stick to making killer hip hop.

Here, just try to compare these tracks:
Spit Forever II (from his old album, a Sample and a Drum Machine)

Live in my Element (from his new album, Organic Music For A Digital World)

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