Day: June 10, 2008


Lil’ Wayne Feels The Love

Lil’ Wayne has been getting mad love recently. The CBC, Canada’s venerable national news service, compared his newest album, Tha Carter III, to “the 1990s opuses of 2Pac, the Notorious B.I.G. and OutKast – mega-selling, landmark releases that altered the course of rap music.” Diddy has called him the “best youngest rapper alive” and Jay-Z […]


Crimes of Carelessness

Too funny not to post. Today’s Next Big Thing posted “Crimes of Carelessness. It’s a little video lampooning the ridiculous public service announcements of decades ago. While we may not see the exact same type of thing anymore, hypersensitivity and paranoia are always to be found. And I think that’s the actual genius behind it. […]


The Streets are over!

Okay, maybe not quite yet. But The Streets (confusingly, made up of one english bloke named MIke Skinner) have (has?) announced that the album after this one (yes, the one that is  coming up for release soon) will be  the last. Apparently tired of a confusing singularly plural existence, Skinner is ending his career as […]

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