4080Records Presents: Grand Pianoramax

Grand Pianoramax, or rather Leo Tardin of Grand Pianoramax, has been getting some pretty major attention lately. He even won the inaugural solo pianist award from the Montreaux Jazz Festival.

In his work with Grand Pianoramax, he went beyond just piano and really morphed into a St. Germain-esque lounge jazz sound.

It’s harder to label the sound though, because it varies from more clubby tunes to piano beats with someone dropping a rap verse on top. Overall though, it’s a pretty vibrant sound. Lots of loud, confident drums and some pretty improvisational piano playing. It’s not a sound everyone can get behind, but luckily it’s diverse enough you may just find something you like.

If you want a little bit of his straight up piano styles, here’s “Tempest”.


For a hip hop twist, check out Blue Gold feat. Invincible


Or listen to his NPR interview here:


[Source: NPR]

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