50 Cent and alleged arson

I’m not sure how many of you out there have been following the twisted saga of 50 Cent and his childhood sweetheart and son, but it’s confusing situation.

Shaniqua Tompkins started dating Fiddy  back when she was 15.  So this was about 13 years ago.  They had a son together and for a while before he got famous she was supporting him entirely.  Things went sour, and for the last little while 50 was trying to evict them from a house he owns that they were currently living in (he was living elsewhere).

This went on for a while and various legal actions were taking place, and the house “mysteriously” burned down a couple of weeks ago.   No one is quite sure how it happened, but more than a few fingers are being pointed 50’s direction.

It’s definitely suspicious, but I highly doubt he was behind this. My money is on a member of his posse trying to get in good with 50 and “helping” him out.  But you never know!

MSNBC is now saying that a Judge has orderd 50 to put any insurance money he get from this fire into a trust account that he can’t touch until after Tomkins’ other lawsuit against him is reviewed and resolved.  He can’t even sell the house now until after this whole thing is settled.

You can read some more about the fire and the background of the story here.

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