Jazz and Funk from the Soviet Union

Obviously the Soviet Union was famous for lots of things. Well, communism mainly, but I’m sure there’s other stuff. I hear they had wicked parades.

Anyways, the post I saw over at Metafilter illustrated a bunch of different instances of Soviet jazz. It’s a trip just to imagine it, because in my mind jazz requires huge amounts of creativity and innovating. Improvisational jazz can’t just be done by anyone (well, it could, but it would probably sound like a cat under a lawnmower).

While the jazz they highlighted in the post was pretty good, what really caught my eye was the Soviet funk.  Below is a couple of clips that apparently originate in some movie.  Check it out.  Pure (but from each according to his abilities, and to each according to his needs) Gold.

Part 1

Part 2

[Source: Metafilter, Youtube]

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