MySpace Monday: Batsauce

Batsauce is probably one of the odder names I’ve heard in my time, but he’s become an underground Myspace sensation.  Our friends over at Wake Your Daughter Up have featured a couple of mixtapes done by him.

His beats are mainly jazz influenced, but you definitely get some odd twists in there as well.  He self-identifies as being hip hop and soul, but you’ll have to listen for yourself.   If you head on over to his Myspace page you can check out a pile of tracks.  Most are pretty dope, except for train wreck.  Which is exactly what it sounds like.

Here’s Lonely Room.


Batsauce has produced for random artists like The Smile Rays (yes, this was basically a MySpace Monday 2-for-1), who are signed to Rawkus Records.

Here’s Chicken by the Smile Rays.


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