McCain’s advisor promised to leave campaign

Well, only sort of.  This is an extremely long overdue post (especially since Obama is now actually the Democratic nominee).

Back in May, almost exactly a month ago, Mark McKinnon kept his promise that he would leavve the McCain campaign if Obama was going to win the nomination.

In fact, CNN says that “McKinnon said he would vote for McCain, but “I just don’t want to work against an Obama candidacy.” He added that if Obama were to reach the White House, it “would send a great message to the country and the world.”

It’s an interesting move for McKinnon, who’s a bit of a big shot in Republican strategy circles.  He was the Chief Media Advisor to Bush in 2000 and 2004, and now has served McCain pretty well in the same role.

The fact  that he doesn’t want to campaign against Obama, especially because of how vicious attack ads can get is a surprising taste of humanity in politics.  It’s completely possibile there is some underlying motive here that I don’t quite get, but for now I’m still pretty amazed.

[Source: CNN, ]

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