MJ Making a comeback

That’s right folks.  Everyone’s favourite questionable performer is apparently making a comeback.  Michael Jackson has essentially been bought by a private equity firm and will hopefully start doing shows in Vegas pretty soon.

Colony Capital bought a 23-million dollar debt that Jackson had pledged his Neverland Ranch as collateral for.

NPR says that :”Wall Street Journal reporter Ethan Smith says Colony’s plan for rehabilitating Jackson’s career includes an Oprah appearance, a public statement emphasizing his acquittal on child molestation charges and a charity performance. The firm is also urging the singer to sell his Neverland Ranch. Jackson moved out of the ranch following his long legal battle, but those close to him say he still has hopes of turning it into a family-oriented theme park.”

It’s a simple plan, but one that will probably work.  Oprah, combined with trying to ‘revamp’ his image by selling the creepy Neverland Ranch will more than likely make considerable headway in reviving MJ’s career.  Plus, the plan is for him to headline a show in Vegas.

Not a lot of dates, mind you,  only about 20 shows a year.  But I think that’s just what he needs.  It’s amusing, because Colony Capital seems to think that MJ is “flighty” (their words, not mine), and as such he couldn’t manage more than the 20 dates a year.  I’m still sure people would pay tons of money to see MJ live.

And hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

[Source: NPR]

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