Soul Train is back!

Don Cornelius has sold the rights to Soul Train.  He sold it to a company called MadVision Entertainment, and they plan on bringing it back.

That’s right, the best show on television is coming back.  At first they plan on releasing it on DVD, and maybe on Video on Demand.  One day, they even plan on making new episodes.

I’m entirely unsure about how you could possibly top the original shows.  It was a huge success and helped make particular kinds of black music popular.

MadVision’s founders, Kenard Gibbs, Anthony Maddox and Peter Griffith were all saying they don’t know exactly what the show will look like in the new episodes, but they seem to have a lot of faith.

It’s funny, the NYT thanks Soul Train for popularizing young people dancing on TV, saying it lay the groundwork for shows like So You Think You Can Dance?.

Here’s a clip of the gloriousness that was Soul Train.

[Source: NYT]

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