Dilla’s estate is suffering because of piracy

Our boy J Dilla has some major posthumous issues.  He was never a very rich man (he actually ended up crazily in debt since he had huge health care bills) and the small amount of royalties flowing in are decreasing all the time thanks to rampant piracy and biting of dope Dilla beats.  His estate is still trying to pay off all his debt.

Apparently Dilla didn’t even get credit for a lot of his dope beats for fairly major artists.  On his biggest it (Janet Jackson’s “Got til its gone”) was “mistakenly” credited to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.  That’s just absurd.

Even worse, people are just using his name for whatever they want.  People invented a “Dilla Foundation” that was trying to hold events and claimed they were authorized.  Dilla’s estate is trying to launch some lawsuits, but are so strapped that his lawyers are now working for free.

Read more about it here.

[Source: LA Weekly]

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