More bad PR: Toronto “hip hop artist” arrested for murder

Pardon this if it ends up being just another rant, but I’m mad at criminals who get arrested and the news just loves mentioning that they’re a “rapper” or  a “hip hop artist”.  I understand that they want to provide some context of the case in that headline, but it really just makes all hip hop look like a gangster rap situation.

Mikey G, an awful rapper not even worth knowing, ended up stabbing his girlfriend’s ex-husband after some serious altercation.  The worst part is that from the sounds of the story, it wasn’t entirely unwarranted.  The ex-husband was brandishing a baseball bat and I guess things went downhill.  Still, Mikey G will now serve 5 years in jail.

Now it’s impossible to defend a murderer, but the one thing I’ll give him credit for is that he went and apologized to his victims family.  I’m not sure if that’s always the best thing, but it shows some sort of responsibility for his actions.  Still, a messed up story and you can read it by clicking on the link below.

[Source: Toronto Star]

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