New Black Panther Party’s hip-hop ambassador

The chairman of the New Black Panther Party‘s Boston Chapter is a rapper named Jamarhl Crawford (a.k.a. UNO the Prophet).  Besides being the leader of a chapter of a controversial black supremacist organization, Crawford also seems to take aim at conscious rappers.

“I’m respected because I’m not one of these conscious rappers who you can’t find a revolutionary part of,” Crawford said. “If the only thing you’ve contributed to the revolution is a poem or a rhyme, then you’re not a revolutionary, you’re just a poet or an MC.”

He actually seems to think that being revolutionary is somehow more important than being an artist.  That’s not to say he hasn’t done some really good work.  He’s currently organizing a peace march in Boston, which I applaud him for.  He also says this:

“Every single song I’ve ever released has, in whole or in part, been about beheading this beast,” he said of his battle against what he considers an oppressive economic and political system.


[Souce: Boston Herald]

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