Eclectic Circus: The Cool Kids, Henry Mancini, Marlena Shaw and Remix Madness

It’s about time for some new auditory goodness.  In today’s edition, The Cool Kids recall the age of mulletts and leg warmers, Marlena Shaw’s classic ode to the West Coast gets remixed and Henry Mancini is sampled to ill effect.

The Cool Kids – 88 (The Bake Sale EP, 2008)


Comprised of Midwest emcees Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, The Cool Kids are making waves for their unique style.  On “88” – released last year – the duo take listeners back to the heady days of the late ’80s.  With an irresistble electro beat, raps about throwback kicks (“got my foot lookin’ like an ’88 draft pick”), and references to the Golden Age, “88” is a winner.  Courtesty of Soul Sides’s summer music blog.

Marlena Shaw – California Soul (Diplo Remix) (Verve Remixed 4, 2008)


Another Soul Sides find, this remix of Marlena Shaw’s oft-sampled classic “California Soul” verges on repetitiveness, but is funky enough to keep you from dozing off.  As Oliver Wang puts it, “instead of piling on, he [Diplo] pulls back, keeping the audience anticipating – but never quite delivering – the crashboombam they expect, at least until the very end where he brings back those gorgeous strings again.” 

 DJ Noodles – A Milli (Remix Baby!)

Apparently, everyone and their dog has been remixing “A Milli”, the unofficial single from Lil’ Wayne’s newest album.  And it’s not just cats you’d expect, like Chris Brown or Young Jeezy.  Jay-Z has recorded a remix, and so has Jadakiss.  Even LL Cool J is in on the action!  If you want to check ’em out, visit Vibesource (linked to above) to download DJ Noodle’s compilation of the best of the bunch.

Crate Kings Vs. Henry Mancini

Crate Kings is an online resource for beat makers.  Recently, several of the site’s finest producers each produced a beat using only Henry Mancini samples.  The result – linked to above – is a truly impressive mix that will have you jonesing to rent Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By (DJ Z-Trip Remix)

I first heard about DJ Z-Trip a few days ago, when I found out he was coming to Victoria as part of the Rifflandia festival planned for August.  I decided to see what he was all about, so I did a quick imeem search.  The fourth or fifth result was this incredible and unexpected remix of “Passin’ Me By.”  Now I’m even more stoked for August.

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