Kanye sucks at life

I know, it’s a bold statement…

Until you read this.

The peeps at the Bonaroo festival were VERY unimpressed with Kanye’s performance.  He came on late, gave a half-assed show, and was, well, Kanye.

And he wasn’t just late, he was 2 hours late.  Awful.  Especially because his original start time was already around 3 am.

So people complained about it,  and I was shocked to see how furious he was.  He’s a diva.  The male Mariah Carey.  And yet he was mad that people could accuse him of giving a weak show.  We’ve all heard talk of Kanye thinks he is the G.O.A.T, so it’s no real surprise that he gets mad when hated on.

He claims he gives it his all.  He claims he tries so hard.  He blames it on the show organizers and everyone else he can.  He even ranted for several pages about just how hard he tries for every show.  I give him enough respect that I believe him when he says he tries during every show, but I don’t buy the whole “i need to ice my knees every time” bullshit.  I think that’s farcical. (Click the link above and read his rant, you’ll understand what I mean).  No one intends to go out there and give an awful performance, What’s most upsetting to me is how he went about blaming just about everyone else, the organizers, Pearl Jam.

Bring on someone more respectable, someone who cares about the fans enough to let them know what’s going on.

[Source: Pitchfork]

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