Month: July 2008


Someone still loves audio tapes

Surprisingly, there’s still a big market for old school audio tapes.  According to Gizmodo and the New York Times, prisons in America are huge consumers of old-school audio tapes.  Apparently it’s because CD’s are too easy to make into shivs, whereas the tapes are not. And yes, somewhere out there someone is still making tapes […]


Murs & 9th Wonder – Free album has hooked everyone up by giving away a free download of Murs & 9th Wonder’s new album, titled Sweet Lord. You can download it here: And here’s the tracklist, in case you’re curious. 1. The Intro 2. Are You Ready? 3. Nina Ross 4. Free 5. And I Love It 6. Pusshhhhhh 7. It’s […]

Art Music

4080Records Reviews “Rock The Bells”

Like the best horror films, “Rock The Bells” is an exercise in tension.  Although billed as a concert documentary, Bells is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, and is far more exciting than most Hollywood fare these days. The film’s protagonist is an affable concert promoter named Chang.  Coming off a string of successful shows, Chang attempts the impossible: booking the entire […]


Budget Hero

You voracious politicians out there (or those  who are just convinced they can do a better job than the elected officials] may get a big kick out of this. It’s a web-based game called “Budget Hero”.  It’s essentially a simulation game that lets you pretend to set the budget for the United States Government.  You […]


4080Records Presents: Animal Farm

Animal Farm is surprisingly witty.  They’re a hip hop group out of Oregon that completely doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They remind me a lot of Ugly Duckling, because they fully embrace that kind of silly-yet-meaningful sensibility.  It’s a lighter side of hip hop, but one that’s no less important.  Consisting of Erik Abel (Gen.Erik), […]


Gordon Brown thrown by George Bush’s hip-hop handshake

This picture speaks a million words.  As does the media who way over-analyzed things.  The Telegraph, an otherwise esteemed UK paper, mocked and genuinely seemed concerned for Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Mr Bush threw the Prime Minister off balance with his hip-hop-style handshake when the pair met during the outgoing President’s farewell tour of Britain. […]

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