CBC assembles covers of Canadian songs

This is quite amazing, actually.

CBC, Canada’s venerable public broadcaster, has assembled a bunch of famous covers of Canadian songs.

Canada has surprisingly produced some of the greatest hits in musical history, and has more than its share of amazing artists.  As such, it’s no surprise that some of these songs have been covered by nother reputable musicians either!

I’ll just give you one or two, copied straight from the article:

Johnny Cash, If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot)

Taken from the Man in Black’s posthumous 2006 album, American V: A Hundred Highways, this Gordon Lightfoot cover is a stripped-down masterpiece — yet another stellar product of the collaboration between Cash and producer Rick Rubin. The country legend’s voice is utterly frail, but his half-sung, half-spoken narrative about a flawed man looking back at a failed relationship is shiver-inducing. (Cash wins Canada Day bonus points for having reinterpreted songs by Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Ian & Sylvia, Hank Snow and The Band.)

And, for the more contemporary of you:

Bright Eyes, Mushaboom (Feist)

This slightly countrified version of one of Leslie Feist’s breakthrough hits comes from Bright Eyes’ 2005 album Motion Sickness: Live Recordings. Feist, who was born in Nova Scotia, named the song after a village in that province. Bright Eyes delivers a charming version of the track, although singer Conor Oberst can’t seem to bring himself to enunciate the distinctly Canadian title.

This article also seems to cover some of the just plain awful musical covers that have happened too (including some just god-awful techno remixes) and Lenny Kravtiz’s remix of American Woman (I bet you didn’t know that was originally Canadian).

Check out the song here, and Happy Canada Day to you Canucks!

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