Mos Def rockin with the Robert Glasper Experiment

Okayplayer had a pretty solid post about Mos Def’s performance at Carnegie Hall the other night.  Apparently, post-show, he went out and performed with the Robert Glasper Experiment

In another touching tribute, they fully focused on a tribute to Dilla, performing Slum VIllage’s Fantastic and Falling in Love.  They also apparently did a little De La tribute, performing Stakes is High.

The post has an impassioned description of the performance, and I won’t do it the injustice of reposting it here.  So just quickly head over to Okayplayer and take a read.

Mos killed the show, and from what I hear, he was so into the band itself that he actually had to leave the stage from time to time just to give them some space.

Hopefully this video stays up for a while, but it’s pretty interesting. The camera’s way more focused on the band itself, with Mos just kind of flitting in and out of the screen.

[Source: Okayplayer]

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