MySpace Monday: Invincible

Invincible is a gritty and dope female emcee hailing from Detroit.  Not an easy place to be no matter who you are, and an even tougher place to really thrive.

She’s got a fast flow, and an eloquent delivery.  Yet somehow she still sounds raw and unpolished.  It’s a good match, and seems to convey a lot of her anger and concern.

I’m not entirely sure what message she’s trying to get out half the time, but a lot of what she raps about is the urban decay Detroit is facing.  The crumbling schools, infrastructure, and the general lawlessness that seems to grow.  It’s a sad and tragic place to be, a lot of the time, but the birthplace of Motown still has some hope left.

Check out Shapeshifters, probably my favourite track by her.


And this track is surprisingly dope.  Locusts, feat Invincible and Finale.  It’s a mini-documentary/music video, and worth a watch.

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