4080Records Presents: Red Cloud

Red Cloud is quite the character.  He’s  one of the few indigenous emcees out there, and he’s pretty talented.  He’s also part of a rising force in hip hop, Christian rap.  I know, it sounds suspect, but some of these cats have put out some decent stuff.

Artists like Pigeon John, Deepspace 5, or really anyone from Sphere of Hip Hop have all developed some serious followings over the last few years, so its no surprise that Red Cloud has been on board a little bit.

Honestly, the God stuff may throw some people off, but I really don’t find it that intrusive or anything.  He definitely refers to his “saviour” fairly often and all that kind of stuff, but I don’t really find it that different from rappers dropping Islam in their tracks.

Red Cloud is an acquired taste, for sure, but some people fully dig him.

Here’s a pretty lighthearted track about his idol Pigeon John.

If you want a more serious track, here’s Boulevard Knights

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