More Money Music Making My Melon Move Mightily

Welcome to yet another post about the mostly obscure, often strange, yet always bumpin’ tunes currently rocking our world.

First up is a tune I was introduced to by Angie B. Fresh of CFUV’s The Corner.  Courtesy of Autolect, a “self-professed Native Tongue baby” from California, “Doork” features a heavily chopped Beatles sample layered over off-kilter, almost broken beat drums.  The song’s dopeness is cemented by Autolect’s poetic rhymes, delivered in a monotone drawl that reminds me of Illogic on parts of “Celestial Clockwork.”

Autolect – Doorks (Doorks, 2007?)


Next up is a an ill summer jam by Inglewood duo U-N-I called “Beautiful Day.”  With a laidback beat complemented by a wailing horn sample that evokes Souls of Mischief’s “93 ’till Infinity,” “Beautiful Day” is perfect for those lazy summer evenings.

U-N-I – Beautiful Day (Fried Chicken and Watermelon, ?)


Also by U-N-I is an ode to kicks called “KREAM”.  An interpolation of C.R.E.A.M., it features clever sneaker references and a Lupe Fiasco sample – which is appropriate since one of the dudes in U-N-I sounds exactly like the Chi-town emcee.

U-N-I – KREAM (Fried Chicken and Watermelon, ?)


I found the next track on get down, a hip-hop blog well worth checking out.  It’s called “Crazy Times,” and is by a dude called Arts the Beat Doctor.  Apparently, the beat is based on “In a Sentimental Mood” by John Coltrane and Duke Ellington, which alone should warrant a listen.

Arts the Beat Doctor – Crazy Times (?, ?)


Now I don’t normally listen to a lot of current R&B, but Sy Smith is making me seriously re-think my moratorium on neo-soul (is that term still in use?) – which of course does not apply to Erykah Badu.  Anyways, “Conflict” is a slightly pyschedlic, soulful tune with a hypnotizing hook.  Check it out:

Sy Smith – Conflict (Conflict, 2008)


Back on the hip-hop side of things, I’ve been really feeling ProlifiCal recently.  Have a listen to 14U and Samurai Rhymes featuring Big Pooh, two tracks that will have you nodding your head for sure.

ProlifiCal – 14U (?, ?)


ProlifiCal – Samurai Rhymes ft. Big Pooh (?, ?)


And finally, a minimalist tune by producer El Sun.  He doesn’t have a lot of information on his Myspace, but if you’re looking for a super-chill track to lounge to, you’re welcome.

El Sun – Elevate (?, ?)


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  1. Thanks for posting those wicked beats and sharing a meaningful perspective on hiphop.
    Will undoubtedly be back on this one.
    Peace from Montreal.

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