Gordon Brown thrown by George Bush’s hip-hop handshake

This picture speaks a million words.  As does the media who way over-analyzed things.  The Telegraph, an otherwise esteemed UK paper, mocked and genuinely seemed concerned for Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Mr Bush threw the Prime Minister off balance with his hip-hop-style handshake when the pair met during the outgoing President’s farewell tour of Britain.

Instead of going in for a straight grip-and-pump, with the fingers slipping under the wrist, Mr Bush gripped around Mr Brown’s thumb, to the obvious confusion of his partner in the War on Terror.

The unusual, “street”-style greeting, more commonly used by young sports stars and musicians than middle-aged heads of state, so perplexed Mr Brown that three of his fingers somehow slipped inside Mr Bush’s jacket sleeve.

Just try reading that with a straight face.   I mean it’s all well and good that hip hop is pervading all kinds of culture, but this is just plain silly.

[Source: Telegraph]

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