Month: July 2008


Time lapse graf video

This is probably going to be the dopest graf video you’ve ever laid your eyes on.  Apparently a bunch of dudes in Buenos Aires got together and did some time lapse footage of their graf project.  The result is a kind of animated graffiti adventure. Seriously amazing. MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu […]


The Best Reactions To “Untitled”

As our loyal readers are no doubt aware, Nas recently released his newest album, “Untitled.”  Originally named after a racial epithet beginning with the letter N,  the Queensbridge emcee retitled the album after intense pressure from his label, who in turn were under the gun from major retailers like Wal-Mart.  Anyways, despite the controversy (or perhaps because of it), the record is set […]


Country covers of hip hop

This will just weird you out a little bit, but it’s a pretty entertaining scene.  The Boss Hoss is a German country western cover band.  I know that sentence is confusing, but it’s true. Hailing from Berlin, they started doing country versions of popular songs, and are all over the place.  They’ve covered pop songs, […]

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