Month: August 2008


Beth Fladung’s Hip-hop Photography

Hip-hop photography is an underappreciated art.  Unlike photography associated with other genres of music (particularly jazz and rock), hip-hop photography is less established, and frankly, less respected.  Maybe it’s because the genre is still relatively young, or maybe it’s because many wrongly assume that hip-hop photography means tough looking gangster-types looking menacingly at the camera. Fortunately, that’s […]


New Common, Foreign Exchange hype, highway rhymes and more

Foreign Exchange, the group comprised of Little Brother’s Phonte and Dutch producer Nicolay, are preparing to release their second album, Leave It All Behind.  In order to build hype for the project, they’ve apparently released a couple of teaser videos.  I’m not exactly sure what exactly they’re trying to convey, but the short clips are interesting nonetheless.  […]


“Kill Bill O’Reilly” single gaining some notoriety

The East Coast Avengers, a hip hop group made up of Esoteric (of 7L & Esoteric fame), trademarc, and DC the Midi Alien, has made been making all kinds of waves lately. They released a track called “Kill Bill O’Reilly”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Michelle Malkin, another conservative commenter and […]

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