4080Records Strikes More Interweb Gold!

This post’s title may be over the top, but its content sure as hell isn’t.   First up is a stupid fly remix of Tokyo Police Club’s “The Baskervilles” featuring Aesop Rock and Yak Ballz.  Whipped up by Amplive, this track is courtesy of okayplayer via Pitchfork.  Check out the song below, then visit the okayplayer post to watch a video of Amplive discussing its making.  And if you’re wondering who Yak Ballz is, after the jump check out a clip of him rhyming on air.

Also making waves on the web is talk of the imminent release of Lupe’s “Paris, Tokyo“ remix.  Apparently it’s going to be huge.  At least if you believe all them bloggers.

Next is a leaked track from GZA’s upcoming album Pro Tools courtesy of The Full Clip via Where HipHop and Libertarianism Meet.  Called “0% Finance,” the track has that classic Wu-minimalism vibe to it.

Finally, check out this K-Def remix of Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys.”  I’d describe it for you, but there’s no way I could improve on how the dude at Metal Lungies puts it: “Def’s version of “Roc Boys” is a complete about-face from the original’s feeling. It’s slow and downbeat, centered around a series of jazzy electric guitar riffs. Every few bars, the guitar is joined by urgent strings and police sirens. The remix switches the drums to light, live sounding drum taps. K-Def’s stripped down instrumental is compelling enough to demand attention by itself, while focusing the listener’s attention on the lyrics.”  Fo’ real.

Listen to the original here, then check out the remix:

Jay-Z – Roc Boys (K-Def Remix)


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