Q-Tip finally releasing The Renaissance

It’s finally happening.

I guess touring with the Rock the Bells festival has inspired Q-Tip to finally put out his record, The Renaissance.  This thing has been ready for release for at least a couple of years, but somehow the label just hasn’t managed to do it.

I was worried for a while, especially with what happened to Kamaal the Abstract, but thankfully my fears have been misplaced.

So, on to The Renaissance.  Tip’s first album since Amplified, it’s not a bad album.  I heard a sneak preview of it a little while ago, and so far it seems that at least Andre 3000 and D’Angelo are making guest appearances. Now, the sneak I heard could have been a pre-release, so the new album may have a different lineup.  The LA times is reporting that Norah Jones is making an appearance

The sound of the album is a lot more like the Q-Tip of old, then the odd cat who brought you Breathe & Stop while dressed in a fur coat.  For that, I’m super thankful.  All the reviews so far seem to say that this new album harkens back to the days of old, back to when Tip and Tribe were ruling with an amazing flow and a down-to-earth style.

The sad part of this whole equation is that Tip’s been hurting for this release.  Apparently he’s created several albums of music, had at least 3 full albums that he hasn’t managed to release.  He tried to release two (Kamaal the Abstract, and Open) and somehow the labels he was on couldn’t see to do it.  I guess that was because at the time, classic hip hop wasn’t selling as well as the neo-gangsta trite.  But now that people are starting to return to the old ways, and festivals like Rock the Bells are re-inspiring interest in the hip hop masters, the labels are finally starting to see the light.

Oh Q-Tip, we here at 4080 have definitely never forgotten you.

Here’s Getting Up, courtesy of XXL mag.


[Source: LA Times]

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