R.I.P Isaac Hayes

In sad news Isaac Hayes, one of the most recognizable soul singers of the last 25 years, has passed away at the age of 65.

Hayes is probably best known (depending on how old you are), as the creator/singer of the Shaft theme song, or as Chef from South Park.  But he was a remarkably talented man.  In fact, the Shaft theme song managed to win him an Academy Award, making him the first black composer to win one.

He wasn’t without his own set of controversies, despite his storied life.  His tenure on South Park was cut short, because he quit the show in anger back in 2006.   Why? Easy.  South Park had decided to mock Scientology, the celebrity religion created by L. Ron Hubbard.  Hayes quit the show, amidst accusations of hypocrisy.

Looking past all of that, his loss will definitely be felt in the musical community.  He was influential to many of the current generation of soul and hip hop artists, and we here at 4080 Records hope he rests in peace.

In memory, here’s Wonderful by Isaac Hayes.


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