Timbaland producing new Jay-Z album

Timbaland (the producer who can do no wrong)  is reportedly producing Jay-Z’s new album.  Not that Jay-Z seems to need the help producing an insanely popular record, but I think having Tim behind your beats pretty much ensures it goes platinum several times over.

The last time these cats got together to make a track they ended up with Big Pimpin.  Not even one of my favourite tracks, but one that was a huge commercial success.

I think Timbaland’s severely unrerrated.  Not to say that people don’t recognize his actual beat-making talent, but that people don’t understand just how much of a starmaker he is.  Singlehandedly, he can make someone a success somehow.  He’s done it over and over again for everyone from Nelly Furtado to Keri Wilson (the girl from The Way I Are).

[Source: Pitchfork]

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